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Galata Transportation makes remote work efficient, increases employee awareness about safety with cybersecurity solution

Galata Transportation, an international transportation and logistics company, uses Microsoft Teams to maintain safety and efficiency while working remotely to continue to provide uninterrupted service. The company uses Node Insight, a cybersecurity and asset management application available for Microsoft Teams. The solution is deployed across employees’ devices to help identify security gaps, and offer online cybersecurity training , surveys, and tests. By increasing the security awareness of its employees and managing devices from a single panel, Galata Transportation can close knowledge gaps and improve GDPR/KVKK compliance at no additional cost.

Established in Turkey in 1997 with the motto “We always find a way,” Galata Transportation is a transport and logistics company with nearly 200 employees providing international and domestic logistic solutions on 5 continents with more than 50 partners. Secure information sharing and effective supply management are Galata Transportations top concerns, enabling uninterrupted and safe service to its customers.

Galata Transportation manages the status of the vehicles and the services it offers, monitors transmitted information, and controls the logistics network with Microsoft Teams. The company continues its efforts to employ data security and employee control and efficiency measures, which have become more important with the increased need for remote work due to COVID-19.

Working within a complex system with a large number of employees has challenges. Galata Transportation IT Manager, Murat Kürtün, explains how the IT department has adapted, "While trying to keep pace with the remote working conditions, particularly in the COVID-19 period, we had questions about the safety of remote work. To eliminate these issues, we wanted to have access to all our employees from a single point, to reveal security gaps, to provide the necessary training, and to have tools to do all of these remotely. When we shared our requirements with our Microsoft partner, Makronet, they came up with a great offer. It took only a few minutes to deploy the Node Insight app, found in the Microsoft Teams Apps Store, alongside Microsoft Teams, which is already being used by all our employees. We got great results.”

Companywide security compliance

Recognizing that cyber risks may occur at an individual level, Galata Transportation incorporated Node Insight into corporate training services. Eventually, all training and awareness processes navigated to the application. User security tests and surveys were conducted within Node Insight, and GDPR/KVKK compliance risks were identified so that the necessary changes could be implemented quickly. The application, which creates corporate-wide cybersecurity awareness, has also started to provide analysis on personalized measures.

Indicating that Microsoft Teams and related applications provide benefits in the field of business development, Kürtün adds, “There are many applications we have under our Microsoft licenses. With the panel, we have seen a significant increase in the use of other Microsoft applications that were rarely used before. For example, now, we have started using Microsoft Forms, as all our surveys were previously conducted using various applications. We used to benefit from only PowerPoint to prepare presentations, now we also use Microsoft Sway to create enriched and more compelling content. The visibility of all these products from a single panel paved the way for more efficient teamwork, faster workflows, and more creative content.”

Employee safety scores

The company’s HR department is also benefiting from Node Insight while managing corporate activities. Microsoft Secure Score competitions, which are enriched with questionnaires and tests made for employees, increase cybersecurity awareness and strengthen communication between employees and departments. Employees earn points and badges for each training session and receive a safety score. All employees are now more aware of cybersecurity concepts, and they work with a holistic security understanding while using corporate and personal devices. The training videos created within the application are used as orientation tools for newly recruited staff so they can follow the right training path. Galata Transportation will even be rewarding Grand Prix tickets to the department with the highest score by the end of the year.

Training and hardware costs reduced by 35 percent

Galata Transportation can share security training videos, such as external GDPR/KVKK training, through Teams to create awareness and reduce costs. In addition to increased awareness, the data obtained through the software and hardware surveys will ensure that the appropriate devices will be purchased for employees in the future. Thus, the changes of corporate devices will be made based on data. With this information, Galata Transportation aims to reduce hardware costs by 35 percent.

Increased security awareness has also strengthened the corporate reputation. Kürtün states, “This entire awareness and management process indirectly contributes to strengthening our corporate reputation. When data or documents are exchanged with the companies we are in contact with, we can discuss whether these stages are more secure for both parties. And this affects our decisions. Our awareness manages all decisions, increases our brand value, and makes our company more reliable in our sector.”

Galata Transportation employees can work safely and efficiently from a distance with Microsoft Teams and Node Insight application. Now the company shapes its plans with more precise information and confidence.

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