About Us

Always go further, with confidence!

With an experience of 25 years in international freight forwarding, we have experienced the pride of having an innovative, dynamic, dedicated, customer-oriented and professional team. We maintain our understanding of service approved by quality certificates and our strong agency structure worldwide. We continue our mission by taking safe steps by making a difference in the freight forwarding industry through the growth we have progresses without compromising our corporate principles.

It has been our primary priority to maintain a company having high reputation and reliability from our customers and suppliers prospective and especially our employees since our establishment in 1997. In our 25-year journey, we have stood by our customers and we continue to do so by blending a sustainable approach with technology and by diversifying our services in national and international arena through our customers and solution-oriented approach. With our branches in 6 different cities in Turkey and our extensive agency network around the world, we continue to say "We always find a way."

Enüstkat Interactive - EUK