Galata Academy

We continue to learn and discover together since 2011 with our educational trainings that takes place under the roof of "Galata Academy"

All Training Activities are at Galata Academy

At Galata Academy, we aim to have all our colleagues and managers at the same level ; thus we aim to increase the number of our acknowledged expert staff and improve their qualifications.

We aim for all our team-mates working with us in our offices in Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Ankara and Mersin to benefit from our trainings held at Galata Akademi. We bring experts in their fields and professional trainers of our industry, as well as our experienced managers to share their experience and train our stuff.

We play an important role in the skilled staff training at Galata Academy by working in coordination with Human Resources, R&D and CRM departments. Newly graduated individuals who start their carrier in our company parteciaptes in our workshops and complete their orientation training. After completing all initial trainings and workshops each member becomes part of the team they are assigned.

Apart from technical and freight forwarding educational programs in Galata Academy we also offer Personal Development trainings. Language educations such as Italian and English are also part of the educational program.

Why Galata Academy?

Our employees, who are always our primary focus, are our biggest asset. We believe the necessity for our colleagues to improve both their personal and professional skils therefore for the continuitiy of such developments we always stand by our colleagues .

What kind of trainings are provided at Galata Academy?

We show attention to provide our employees with trainings to give them 360-degree point of view both in their business and personal lives, and to support their professional and personal development.

Who provides trainings at Galata Academy?

The trainings of our academy are provided by our own managers, the leading people in the industry and as well professional trainers.

What is targeted with the trainings at Galata Academy?

We aim to ensure that the Galata team is qualified and expert individuals who maintain to develop both in their professional and individual lives. The achievements of our teammates, annual performances in their business lives and assessments in their career planning are also included in the trainings of Galata Academy, that is the core why we have created it..

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