Life at Galata

"Our most important value in Galata is HUMAN."

We add meaning to our business through innovative and pioneering methods, together with our customers, employees and business partners.

We aim success by standing together and side by side in every moment of life.

We dream. We work with hope, smilingly and politely in order to reach our dreams.

Because we are a family.

Our strength comes from our expertise and togetherness; and we grow in a safe manner.

We constantly learn, research and we share what we have learnt.

We appreciate and award success and commitment.

We love and protect the children, animals and nature. We support them with our corporate social responsibility projects.

We embrace universal humanitarian values together with all its diversity and we listen to each other.

We use up-to-date technologies in order to share and engage more.

Enüstkat Interactive - EUK