Vision, Mission Quality Policy


Our vision is to become a logistic solution partner, productive, technology focused, conscious of its social responsibilities with the respect to the nature and environment under the roof of quality and reliability together with its customers, employees and other solution partners.


Our mission is to become a company, which is conscious of its social responsibilities, strong, open to the changes and innovation, indispensable for its employees and business partners and has high ethical values.


Galata Tasımacılık always produces the fastest, the most reliable and economical transportation solutions within scope of the basic values, determined in its Integrated (Quality, Environment, ISG, Information Safety) Policy.

Galata Tasımacılık, which contributes to the country’s economy, adopts a continuous development and targets to be in a leader position in its sector from the angle of quality and technology, always aims;

  • To present its customers careful and economical solutions in a timely manner,
  • To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level,
  • To be a reliable, sought out, popular and successful institution, which is in harmony with the customer demands,
  • To follow the technological developments closely and adapt all developments to its structure,
  • To comply with all relevant national and international legislation and to cooperate with all relevant institutions in this respect,
  • To prevent the environment pollution and protect the environment,
  • To serve with the slogan of “We Always Find A Way”,
  • To prevent the dangers and to reduce the risks,
  • To provide participation and consultation of employees,
  • To protect the health and to prevent injuries,
  • To be company, which never make compromises from quality with an experienced and well informed team, who has a good command of the subject,
  • To comply with all applicable conditions,
  • To improve the managements systems continuously.

These are the basics of Galata Tasımacılık Integrated Quality Policy.

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