The educational campaign started within Galata in 2011 for the Team and continues under the brand “Galata Atelier“

At Galata Atelier, the aim is to increase the knowledge and experience of the employees of every level, from the new comers to the current personnel, and the executive candidates to managers, with the purpose to increase the number of specialist personnel and improve their qualifications.

At Galata Atelier, all the employees from all offices located in İstanbul, İzmir, Bursa and Adana can benefit of the trainings given by experienced executives of the company sharing their experiences, and the notable connoisseurs of the sector and professional instructors providing Workshop lectures.

The scope of the Galata Atelier project, is to enable development not only on professional skills but also personal skills. At Galata, while English and Italian language trainings are currently continuing, all education activities are collected under Galata Atelier database...

Galata Atelier plays an important role in training specialists. Newly graduated young individuals who begin their work lives in Galata, pass through the Workshop’s loom and enter the workplace environment after they receive orientation and the required knowledge and skills.

Galata Atelier operates in integration with Human Resources, R&D and CRM departments.


Why Galata Academy?

Because our employees come first and our employees are our most important investment. We firmly believe that the knowledge level of our workmates should always be at the topmost level.

What types of trainings are given in Galata Academy?

At the Academy we provide trainings that will give our employees a 360 degree perspective. These trainings are professional as well as beneficial to their personal development.

Who gives the trainings at Galata Academy?

At our Academy, the trainings are given by professional instructors and also by the managers of our company.

What is the purpose of the trainings given at Galata Academy?

The performance in the mentioned trainings also appears in the yearly performance analysis and assessments. The success our workmates achieve in the trainings play an important in general assessment for career planning.